'How do I change my strings?'

I'm often asked; 'How do I change my strings?'


 This is the method I use to fit my strings on a classical guitar with a six hole bridge piece.


For a 12 hole tie block, James Lister's site has an easy to follow tutorial.


Music; The Earle of Salisburys' Pavan by William Byrd (1538 - 1623).

Performed by; EnsembleKev.

Video produced by The Hasworth Selnot Emporium.





EnsembleKev. How to fit a classical guitar string from Kevin Cook on Vimeo.






Tools Used

String Winder, Snipe nose Plyers



Tools Optional

 Mug of Tea. Join the campaign - Free Tea for the over 50's

Bridge Hole DetailWhere the string crosses underneath itself, place it as close to the bridge hole as possible.

At least ensure the string sits on the vertical face, not the top else it will slip when you tighten it.

String Loop

When the string tightens the loop will reduce its dimensions. It's not uncommon to hear the occasional creak as the bass strings rub over each other.


If strings 1 and 2 slip and destroy the loop, tie a knot in the string just after you have passed it under itself prior to fitting the head end of the string (first video fade)