Getting Started

Not sure what kind of guitar you have?

The picture to the left is that of a classical guitar - the style that I teach.

This Classical Guitar utilises six nylon strings. Three are usually clear and the other three have fine nickel silver wire wound over nylon fibres.

The strings are fitted by tying one end to the bridge/saddle assembly. See the picture below.

Classical guitar strings are tied to the bridge/saddle assembly.

The head of the guitar is slotted to facilitate the tuner barrel assembly.

The other end of the string is wound around the tuner barrel.

the other end is wound around the barrel

The video above demonstrates how to fit a classical guitar string.


The Classical Guitar


 This is a Classical Guitar


Hand Made Classical Guitars



The Cat in the Alley

Below is an illustrated list (not to scale) of hardware to have in addition to your classical guitar.


Guitar SupportChair

Guitar Support


Music Stand

Guitar Tuner

Music Stand

Electronic Tuner
 Nylon Strings String Winder



Accessories You Need

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Guitars & Accessories
If you decide to begin lessons, there are a number of items you will need consider obtaining fairly soon.

These are, in addition to your guitar:

  • Guitar Support
  • Dining Chair
  • Music Stand
  • Electronic Tuner
  • Metronome
  • Case/Bag
  • Strings

The most important accessories are the guitar support and chair.

Foot stools are considered by many these days to be unergonomic.

Purchased individually, these can add up to more than your guitar's value.
Many music shops sell classical guitar starter packs, which include some or most of the above. What you choose to buy is down to your preference and budget.

Starter Packs & Tuners



Footstools, Rests + Supports






I no longer teach the styles of these other popular guitars.

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